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Lithium Fluoride Coating Material

Lithium fluoride coating particle materials and coating target materials, mainly used for OLED electrode coating and screen coating layers, the purity is 4N or more, the size can be 1-3 or 3-4 mm; lithium fluoride coating materials comply with REACH and ROHS standards. Lithium fluoride coating targets are mainly D40-50*50-60mm crystal materials, with better effect and quality.

Product name: Lithium fluoride  Molecular formula: LiF

Lithium fluoride is - a salt, the chemical formula is LiF, molecular weight is 25.94.

Performance: It is an alkali gold defecating halide, white crystal or white powder at room temperature, slightly soluble in water. Used in nuclear industry, enamel industry, coating materials, crystal materials, optical glass manufacturing, desiccant, flux, etc.. It can be made by crystallizing lithium carbonate or hammer hydroxide with hydrofluoric acid in lead dishes or platinum dishes.

Uses: coating materials, crystal materials, optical glass manufacturing.

Common Specifications:

Coating Materials: Lithium fluoride(LiF)

Specification: 1-3mm、3-4mm

Packing: 1kg/ 20 kg/ 25 kg Density:2.64g/cm³

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