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Dielectric Films

Product introduction

The dielectric film does not conduct electricity, and the Fresnel formula is used to obtain a large reflectivity by using a material with a certain refractive index and the condition of isotropic interference to realize the phase length of the reflected wave. It has interference effect and has the property of periodically changing with the change of wavelength or thickness. The properties of the film in the long-wave region are weaker than those in the short-wave region.

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Pictures of finished products with dielectric films

Relative to the metal film, the dielectric film is generally for a single point wavelength, can also be for the broadband band, but in the case of guaranteed reflectivity, the bandwidth is generally relatively narrow, usually in 300-400nm, and there are incident Angle limits, the reflectivity can usually do more than 99%, or even higher.

Dielectric films coating process customized specifications

All - dielectric films is based on multi - beam interference. In contrast to the anti-reflection film, the reflectivity of the optical surface can be increased by plating a film with a higher refractive index than the substrate material. Common dielectric film substrates are quartz, BK7, silicon and so on.

Process Flow Diagram

Coating workshop

Coating workshop picture

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