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Product introduction

Diamond-like carbon, abbreviated as DLC, is a class with properties similar to diamond, with high hardness, high resistivity, corrosion resistance and good optical properties. As a functional film and care film, it is widely used in mechanical, electronic, optical, medical, aerospace and other fields.

Our company can provide DLC film coating service, and we can choose the right film system according to the actual application environment.

Pictures of finished products with anti-reflective and DLC coatings

As an excellent infrared optical material, DLC(diamond-like carbon)film can be used not only as a super hard anti-reflective film, but also as a high performance protective film for various coating components, which enhances the anti-environmental interference capability of the coating components, thus greatly widening the application range of the coating components.

Coating process customized specifications

DLC film is an important part of the coating, and many windows and lenses need to be coated with a anti-reflective film on one side and DLC on the other side to achieve the appropriate transmission and resist harsh usage environments. Our company can provide DLC coating for silicon and germanium substrates.

Process Flow Diagram

Coating workshop

Coating workshop picture

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